Education Software

Educational ERP :

Educational ERP is a integrated application software is developed to automate the functionality of the organisation which have chain of schools. The application integrate the departments like Human Resource Development, Payroll, Provident Fund, Tax Deduction, Finance, Store and Inventory, Education, Transport, Land and Construction etc. The system has facility to add more module as per the organisation needs.

School Administration :

This system is automate the storage of prospectus, student information, submission of school fees, generation of fee receipts, outstanding fees. income expenditure, class scheduling. timetable, employees information and preparation of examination result sheet on the basis of half yearly and annual examination. The system sends and receives their RETURNs from head office to school and school to head office through UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD System.

University Management System :

University Management System is also a integrated application software developed to manage the administration of Universities. UMS includes the various modules like Campuses information, Personnel Management, Payroll, PF, TDS, prospectus records, student admissions, fees management, course curriculums, examination control (Entrance and Semester), finance, hostel, library etc.

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