Our Team Members

  • Awdhesh Kumar Jha

    Awdhesh Kumar Jha

    Web Manager

Managing a team of creative and technical experts working on development of various website of different institutions in Maharishi organization. Themes planning, web contents layout, designing, execution, monitoring, controlling, uploading contents and managing the web servers, SEO & increasing online presence to potential customers to maximize traffic to websites. Highly motivated person with passion for website creation and result orientation. Proactive, a great team manager, self-learner about new tools or industry latest trends.

  • Bhupendra Jaiswal

    Bhupendra Jaiswal

    Sr. Java Developer

  • Jitendra Singh Prajapati

    Jitendra Singh Prajapati

    Sr. Java Developer

  • Harsh Tiwari

    Harsh Tiwari

    Java Developer

  • Yogesh Kumar Ghodki

    Yogesh Kumar Ghodki

    PHP Developer

  • Mrs Nishtha Mathur

    Mrs Nishtha Mathur

    SEO Executive

  • Rupesh sahu

    Rupesh sahu

    Java Developer

  • Rishi Shrivastava

    Rishi Shrivastava

    Java Developer

  • Jitendra Singh

    Jitendra Singh

    Java Developer

  • Shraddha Kale

    Shraddha Kale

    Java Developer

  • Rajesh Kumar Ghodki

    Rajesh Kumar Ghodki

    Web Designer

  • Manish Kumar Lodhi

    Manish Kumar Lodhi

    Web Designer

  • Ashok Kumar Purabiya

    Ashok Kumar Purabiya

    Computer Operator

  • Utsav Sharma

    Utsav Sharma

    Data Entry Operator

  • Deepak Kumar Sahu

    Deepak Kumar Sahu

    Data Entry Operator

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